CCC Festival in Sebring November 10th 2018   2.jpg
Poster for Lemon Bay Carcker Festival 2019.jpg
CCC Festival in Sebring Noember 10th 2018     4.jpg

Performing at the Civilian Conservation Corp Festival.

Playing the Bodhran at the CCC Festival

CCC Festival in Sebring November 10th 2018     3.jpg
Cedar Point preserve, Feb 28th

Cedar Point Preserve, Feb 28th 2019

Photo Feb 28, 9 14 12 PM.jpg

Singing about “Little Katie” at Cedar Point. Feb 28th, 2019

Photo Jun 09, 4 48 43 PM.jpg

June 9th at the Stetson Kennedy Concert Series, Jacksonville

Photo Jun 09, 4 48 22 PM.jpg

Beluthahatchee, June 9th Stetson Kennedy Concert!

The Bay Street Theatre @ Lake County Folk Festival.jpg

On stage at the Bay Street Theatre. The Lake County Folk Festival

Pine View 2017, Turn Back Time.jpg

Singing “Turn Back Time” to the 4th grade at Pine View School

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    Turn Back Time was written for folks of ALL ages!  Schools, Women's Clubs, Church groups, Adult Communities ...............




I love to talk and sing about Bertha Palmer!  An amazing woman with an amazing story!


One question that is asked is "where did I get all this information"?  I always say "I found them in books! This is all at your fingertips"!


"Pistol Pete" was how Pete Edge appeared on the pay ledgers for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.  After reading about this guy I just had to write a song for him!

On Feb 18, 2018, I performed a concert at WSLR's Fogartyville in Sarasota, Florida with my good friend Bill Schustik. It was the debut performance of Turn Back Time, a program that I have been working on for over 3 years.